FAQ – practical information

FAQ – practical information

  1. Travelling to Banja Luka

OPTION 1: Banja Luka can be reached by bus or car from Zagreb Airport (http://www.zagreb-airport.hr/en),Tuzla Airport (https://www.tuzla-airport.ba/en/) and Sarajevo Airport (http://www.sarajevo-airport.ba/?lang=eng).

Zagreb has cheap flights from Germany (German Wings) and Asia (including Russia). There are direct flights from Canada in summer time. Tuzla can be reached from almost anywhere in Western Europe by Wizzair.

OPTION 2: Banja Luka has its own airport, but only Air Serbia (https://www.airserbia.com/en/flights) operates here through Belgrade (where you have connecting flights). Some options are really fine, e.g. anywhere from Europe, if booked ahead of time. Round trip Belgrade-Banja Luka is 55 euros, so people can check also flights to Belgrade, and from there Belgrade-Banja Luka. There are also buses from Belgrade (4.5 hours, http://www.bas.rs/basweb_eng/RedVoznje.aspx?lng=en).Belgrade is connected well with Europe, Turkey, Russia, and the United States (direct flights from NYC).

From the airport:

Zagreb-Banja Luka: there are 5-6 bus departures from Zagreb to Banja Luka, 3-3.5 hours ride (round trip costs little less than 30 euros) (http://www.akz.hr/en)

Tuzla-Banja Luka: taxi transfer costs 25 euros one way (50 euros round trip), it takes 3-3.5 hours (http://abtransferbh.com/index.html) or you can take a bus from Tuzla Bus Station (4-5 hrs). Sarajevo-Banja Luka: there are regular bus departures from Sarajevo to Banja Luka (5 hours) (https://busticket4.me/bus-station/details/Sarajevo-Bus-Station/EN/1830) and also a train line from Sarajevo Train Station (http://www.zfbh.ba/zfbhenx/konekcija_en.php) which takes 5hrs. Banja Luka Airport – City center: shuttle 5 euros one way.

  1. Getting around

Banja Luka (also Banjaluka), the second largest city in Bosnia-Herzegovina, boasts beautiful nature, excellent cuisine, interesting history and exciting city life. Although a tour with our guide and rafting the Vrbas will be organized, you can explore Banja Luka yourself:




  1.  Getting to the dorms

The dorm is located on the campus of The University of Banja Luka (Univerzitetski grad): Bulevar Petra Bojovića 1A, Paviljon 4, Banja Luka: http://scnikolatesla.com/kontakt/?script=lat

In order to get there from the bus station you can:

1. take a taxi from the bus/train station (5 KM = 2.5 EUR) – you can pay in euros and get the rest in Bosnian currency (1 KM=0.51 EUR) (http://www.banjaluka-tourism.com/index.php/sr/taxi Patrol Taxi recommended)

2. take the bus no. 14b in the direction Starčevica and get off at the 3rd stop Dvorana Borik (Mercator Borik); you buy a ticket from the bus driver (one ride is 1.80 KM)

3. take a 20-minute walk from the bus station (2km) – you should download the application for android MAPS.ME: it is an offline GPS map and is very detailed and accurate for Banja Luka

A very useful (online) application for the public transport in Banja Luka can be downloaded here: http://bl-bus.com/#Home (only in Serbian)

  1.  Getting to the summer school venue

Address of the venue: Filološki fakultet, Bulevar Petra Bojovića, 1A, Banja Luka: http://flf.unibl.org/?lang=lat 

The Faculty of Philology (Filološki fakultet/Филолошки факултет) is located on the campus of the University of Banja Luka, around 150 meters from the dorm; the directions will be provided on the site.

  1.  Visa letters

This page provides all the necessary information in English about the visa regime with Bosnia and Herzegovina (each country can be checked through a pull-down menu: http://www.mvp.gov.ba/konzularne_informacije/vize/Default.aspx?s1=149&id=4381) If you still need a letter confirming your attendance and accommodation at EGG, please send an email to marija.runic@flf.unibl.org that includes your name, university, and postal address for a hardcopy.

  1. Accommodation

The summer school participants will be accommodated at the university dorm (http://scnikolatesla.com/?script=lat) in double and triple rooms. Bed sheets and towels are provided. Every room has its own bathroom and there is a small kitchen (with fridge) on every floor. Wi-Fi is available in the rooms. Check out the rooms here: http://scnikolatesla.com/studentski-smjestaj/?script=lat If you want to choose your roommate, let us know before your arrival, but not later than 10th July by sending an e-mail to marija.runic@flf.unibl.org.

The school starts on Monday July 30th and ends on Friday August 10th. The 13 nights starting with Sunday July 29th and ending with Saturday August 11th are included in the fee.

If you want to arrive a day earlier or leave a day later, you’ll have to pay for the extra dorm night(s). The rate for the extra night in a double room is 15KM per bed and per night. Let us know if you want to stay at the dorms before / after the school. Please send an e-mail to marija.runic@flf.unibl.org, NO LATER than 10th July.

The dorm reception is open 24/7.

  1. Campus and vicinity
  1. Location: the campus is situated about 15-20-minute walk from the city center. https://goo.gl/maps/pGsmVaRGpSw
  2. Food and drink: There are several food and bar facilities in the vicinity of the campus. Just across the street you find Mercator Borik shopping mall, which is open every day 8-22. Further down the street you find several bakeries and bars, open till very late.
  3. Swimming pool Aquana: Banja Luka can get really hot and humid in the summer. But there is a swimming facility with a restaurant just across the street: http://aquana.ba/
  4. Moving around: you can move around Banja Luka by bike at no or low cost, thanks to the Banja Luka Citybike service BL-bike: https://www.nextbike.ba/en/banjaluka/ One Citybike station (out of 4) is located across the campus.

Summer school full address:

Filološki fakultet

Univerzitetski grad

Bulevar Vojvode Petra Bojovića 1a
78 000 Banja Luka

Republika Srpska

Bosnia and Herzegovina

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